Membership Manual

Name and Purpose of Organization

The name of this organization is Club Red. Club Red is the official student section for Ole Miss athletics. The goal is to create the best home field/court advantage in the country for each Ole Miss athletics varsity team.



Membership is restricted to regularly enrolled University of Mississippi students, faculty, and staff. No student may be denied membership on the basis of race, color, gender, sex, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, national origin, citizenship, age, disability, veteran status, genetic information, or any other legally prohibited form of discrimination as outlined by the University of Mississippi Non-Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Policy.

To become an official member of Club Red, students must sign up through the link here – ( ). . All students will be considered unofficial members until they sign up. To become an official member, students must be enrolled at Ole Miss, be willing to assist in game day operations and setup, and display pride in Ole Miss Athletics. Membership privileges include opportunities to attend neutral / away athletic events, exclusive meet and greets with coaches and athletes, and much more.

Any official member who violates any Ole Miss rules or acts in any manner deemed inappropriate could be dismissed from Club Red at the discretion of the organization’s president.



The officers will be the President, Vice President, a Secretary, a Director of Social Media and the Leadership Staff. The qualifications to be an officer is the student must be enrolled at the University of Mississippi and demonstrate and display the necessary Ole Miss pride and spirit on campus and at sporting events. Officers will hold their position until graduation from their undergraduate program or as long as the advisor see’s fit. If an officer’s position is to become vacant during his or her term, duties of that position will be split by the remaining members of the leadership staff. Officers and Leadership Staff are required to attend their assigned sports and whatever other sporting events deemed mandatory by the president, vice president and advisors. If any officers or leadership staff cannot attend a mandatory sport, they must notify the president in order to be excused. Unexcused absences will result in disciplinary action.

President – The President will maintain the Club Red bylaws as well as manage the relations with the university and athletic department. The president will lead meetings with the other officers, recruit and recommend other officers, and lead Club Red game day operations.

Vice President – The Vice President will serve as the right hand to the president. They will help assist in game day operations. Vice president duties will change based on the president’s discretion.

Secretary – The Secretary will document attendance at all officer meetings and keep minutes and notes during each meeting. The Secretary will oversee the scheduling of all Club Red meetings, activities, projects, and events. The secretary will also draft any correspondence needed to be sent to all members of Club Red.

Director of Social Media – The Director of Social Media will be in charge of running and maintaining the Club Red social media accounts. They will maintain engagement with our followers by posting interacting post while maintaining the integrity of Club Red and Ole Miss.

Leadership Staff – The Leadership Staff will assist wherever the President and Advisor sees fit. The staff duties include, but are not limited to, assisting with social media including creating graphics and helping with captions, thinking of ideas and ways to enhance the Club Red atmosphere, maintaining order while having fun at athletic events, and assisting in the Club Red setup at select sporting events. Leadership staff will get sports assigned to them based on their own interest, they must work to enhance the atmosphere and attend events for each assigned sport.


Selection of Officers

The selection of officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, Director of Social Media) will be done by the advisors. The advisors will select students who have demonstrated and displayed Ole Miss spirit on campus and at sporting events. Officers will also be selected by advisors through an interview process.

The selection of the leadership staff will be done by the President and the Advisors. The President and Advisors will select students who have shown interest in becoming an officer and displayed Ole Miss pride at sporting events and on campus. The leadership staff will consist on as many qualified candidates as the President and Advisors deem necessary.

If an officer or member of the leadership staff resigns from their position or is no longer enrolled, the duties of that person will be split between the remaining officers and the leadership staff until a replacement is found.

If an officer or a member of the leadership staff violates any part of the bylaws or is involved in anything that jeopardizes the functioning and integrity of Club Red, that person must appear before the advisors and remaining officers at a special called meeting. During the meeting, the officer in question has the right to defend themselves and convince those in attendance they are innocent. Once that is over, the advisors and remaining officers will deliberate and vote in secrecy, a majority vote is required to remove the officer or leadership member from the position.



Club Red will have an Ole Miss Athletics faculty, administrator, or staff members serve as advisors at all times. The duties of the advisors are, but not limited to, the following: Attend officer and organization meetings, meeting individually with officers, taking an active role in formulating the organizations goals and visions, assist in planning events, and proofread any Club Red correspondence.

The advisors of Club Red will guide leadership of the organization, help navigate issues, serve as a resource to the officers, create accountability, and ensure that officers, leaders, and members are representing Club Red and Ole Miss in a proper manner. The advisors will also be the tie breaker vote in a case of a tie during a meeting between officers and the leadership team.



The advisors, officers, and leadership staff will determine a time to meet bi-weekly. Meeting attendance will be mandatory unless previously excused by the president or advisors. Special meetings can be called by the president or advisors. Email notification must be sent out by the secretary to schedule each meeting.